My Finance Story

I founded Wallet Genius in 2016 with the goal of adding a new twist on personal finance—one that's focused on analytics, optimizations, and proper financial education. I think this approach can be both incredibly effective and incredibly fun.

I grew up in the Bay Area, California and have been playing with financial data pretty much all my life. In middle school, I started buying and selling stocks, and in high school, I started my first small business selling comic books to my friends. I remember how much I loved keeping a rigorous account of my sales and profits and re-investing in the business.

In college, I studied computer science. I've since worked at several tech companies, and I've operated primarily at the intersection of tech and personal finance.

I still believe there's something missing from the personal finance space. Younger generations feel either bored or confused about personal finance. Apps like Mint.com, parents, and financial advisors aren't making the cut. Wallet Genius won't offer all the solutions either, but hopefully it will help a bit 🙂

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