How to Add Your Robinhood Stock Trading Data to Mint

I've previously posted about my custom setup, optimized for getting a clear snapshot of your personal finances. Unfortunately, one of this setup's shortcomings is that it doesn't directly integrate stock data from Robinhood. This is because, unfortunately, at this time there is no direct Robinhood Mint integration (despite high user demand for the feature)

Want a workaround? Mint gives you a way to add custom properties. You can enter your Robinhood account amount as a custom property in order to have it show up in your net worth and trends tab.

How to add your Robinhood stocks to Mint

1. Go to "Add Accounts"

2. Select "Add a Property"

3. Add your Robinhood amount

You can now go through the flow of adding your Robinhood account as property. It doesn't really matter what you choose (I randomly chose a "collectible") during this steps. No matter what, you'll end up at a screen where you can enter your entire Robinhood account value.

If you haven't heard of Robinhood, I recommend checking it out: the app provides zero-fee stock trading, with a truly wonderful user experience.

It's also worth noting that Wealthfront does provide an integration with Robinhood. Additionally, Personal Capital provides a way to manually enter stocks, so you can at least enter which stocks you've bought on Robinhood and track them over time (you'll have to update them manually whenever you buy or sell, of course).


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    Matt November 1, 2017 at 3:04 am

    This is what I did too. This solution sucks, as you have to update the value of your portfolio, even if you buy no new stocks, based on the fluctuations of the stocks you’ve purchased.

    For this reason, Personal Capital is much better. Using Personal Capital you can create your manual portfolio, and it computes the current value of the stocks you own. You still have to manually edit your portfolio whenever you buy or sell stocks, but once in your Personal Capital manual portfolio, the application calculates the value of your stocks.

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